DIY Tips: New Ways to Accesorise Your Home

Show off your accessories and make your rooms shine with personality by following our top tips to accessorising your home. Lamps, candles, rugs, cushions and canvas images – they’ll all add life to your room without being too overwhelming. After all, a bright pink cushion is far easier to live with than a bright pink wall! Take a look at this link for decorating materials to help you get started.


  • Got some lovely plates? Instead of lining them up around your kitchen wall or on a formal dresser, arrange them in an informal pattern on the wall in another room of the house, as in the image above
  • Brighten up your bedroom without adding clutter in the form of decorative pieces or too much detail on the wall by using patterned bedclothes or by adding a patterned throw – it might sound obvious, but it adds interest to the room without taking up any extra space
  • Make a feature out of your favourite books and knick-knacks by displaying them on open shelving units – a brilliant way to make your books into a focal point. Group colours together and remember – don’t use the shelving unit as a dumping ground!
  • Hang a statement clock. Clocks used to only be hung in kitchens, but now, they’re becoming art in their own right – hang them in your living room, dining room or bedrooms
  • Choose a statement light feature or use a glam chandelier to add elegance to a room. Practical and stylish, light fittings are an easy way to accessorise
  • Add a faux fur throw. Fold it and hang it over the end of your bed for a luxurious feel, drape over a sofa or hang over a cosy armchair. Look for soft, strokable fabrics and not only will they add a glam feel to your room, but you can also wrap them around yourself on a cold night
  • Not got the budget to buy new textiles? Revamp them with a packet of fabric dye. In the kitchen, dye your apron, oven gloves and tea towels to give them a new lease of life, dye white towels for use in the bathroom or even a set of white bed covers if you’re creating a new colour scheme in your bedroom
  • Glass vases are an easy way to add opulence to any room – plus, you can pick them up really cheaply from charity shops. Display them in groups on shelving units or on windowsills
  • Make the room feel bigger in an instant by adding a freestanding mirror – in many cases, the larger the mirror, the better. Plus, it gives the room an opulent, luxurious feel
  • Transform the floor into a cosysnuggly, lounging spot by stacking large floor cushions
  • Makeover every day items like a vintage milk jug or old teacup into accessories – use them as vases or to display candles
  • Tie curtains back with jewelled ribbons for a luxurious look on a budget

Source: UKTV Home

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