DIY Tips: How to Maximise Space in a Small Bedroom

Learn how to maximise space in a small bathroom by following these top tips. Install some nifty storage solutions, use our clever design tips and get rid of unwanted clutter to make your bathroom seem bigger – and take a look at this link for decorating materials to help you get the job done.



  • Use plenty of light, neutral and bright colours on the walls and where possible, steer clear of pattern and dark colours. Instead of using dark colours or patterns, play with textures and finishes – things like shiny chrome taps, sumptuous cotton towels and a slightly sheeny or matte colour on the walls will all work really well.
  • Flood the room with as much light as possible by putting a mirror onto the wall opposite the window. If there is no window in your bathroom, consider installing spotlights in the ceiling – they make everything look extra shiny and sparkly and are a great way to introduce light into the room.
  • Small bathrooms can easily become damp, so don’t forget to ventilate it regularly by using fans, opening the windows and keeping the door open.
  • Install a short, deep bathtub instead of a long tub – you can still have a good soak even in a smaller tub. Put the shower over the bath and install a clear shower screen instead of using a curtain so that the room still feels open and bright.
  • Make the most of the corners in your room. Corner tubs take up a lot of space, so the best bet would be to use a corner sink or even a corner loo if your space and plumping allows. New loos are also generally smaller than older loos, so just a quick update might be all you need, even if you’re keeping the toilet in the same place. You could also use a curved corner shower unit – they take up hardly any floor space and if you don’t have room for a bath or for a full shower, they can be a good option.
  • The more “stuff” in your bathroom, the busier and more cluttered it’ll look. Do your best to keep clutter to a minimum and the room will instantly look larger – it’s as simple as that. Provide storage solutions, such as wicker boxes tucked away on a high shelf, a storage unit underneath a sink or a cabinet above the loo. Keep cupboard units off the floor where possible to maximise floor space and make use of shelves and any empty nooks and crannies to use as storage. Don’t forget to use boxes or baskets, too, instead of leaving shelves open – that way everything can be tucked away out of sight.
  • Place hooks on the back of the door – you’ll be surprised at how handy the storage will be.
  • If your budget allows, install under floor heating. It’ll keep the room toasty but because you won’t need to install a radiator, the room will feel bigger.

Source: UKTV Home

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