DIY Tips: How to Make Lined Curtains

Making your own curtains is a fantastic project and it might not be as expensive as you’d think. Learn how to make lined curtains with this guide and take a look at this link for sewing goods to help you get the job done.


Things You’ll Need:

  • fabric
  • curtain heading tape
  • curtain lining fabric
  • needle and pins
  • pencil
  • measuring tape (metal)
  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • dressmaking scissors

Measure and Cut

Measure out all of the curtain lengths and mark with a pencil or pins. When working with patterned fabric, choose one main point in the design of the fabric and mark off starting at that point, then cut out the lengths. Cut out the lining fabric too, minus any fabric repeats.

Join Up the Lining

Join the widths up by pinning the fabric pieces together along the finished edges of the fabric, with right sides facing. If you have an odd number of fabric widths, use the scissors to cut the odd fabric width in half lengthways and then pin one half to the outside edge of each curtain. Stitch the two pieces together, taking in a seam of 2.5cm, then press the seams open. Snip into the selvages (finished edges of fabric) at 45cm intervals so that the seams won’t pucker when washed or pressed. Do the same for the lining fabric and then trim 5cm from one long edge of each piece of lining fabric.

Stitch the Curtain and the Lining Together


Place the curtain fabric and the lining fabric with the side edges matching, then machine stitch the side seams, taking in a 2.5cm seam. Press the seams open, then snip into the selvages at 45cm intervals. Turn the curtain over so that it sits right side out and then press it completely flat. The lining should then sit centrally behind the fabric of the curtain.

Add the Heading Tape

Turn under 3cm of fabric at the top of the curtain and press flat, then knot the cords at one end of the heading tape. Pin the heading tape up so that it sits 3 or 4cm from the top of the curtain and then fold under the short edges of the tape to cover the raw edges of the fabric. Using the sewing machine, stitch along all edges of the heading tape, then draw up the heading tape so that it fits the window and knot the cords on the other end.

Hem the Bottom Edge of the Curtain

Take down the side hems so that you’re able to turn up the bottom hem of the curtain. Hang the curtains up by a few hooks so that you can finish them off, marking the desired hem length. Double hem the curtains, pinning them in place and then press the hem so that it lies flat. Hand stitch the curtain hem, then trim off the lining, turning it up so that it sits at least an inch above the edge of the hem, then press and hand stitch.

Source: 4Homes

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