DIY Tips: How to Decorate a Rented Property

Whether you’re staying in a rental property because you’re saving up for your mortgage, or because you’ve just moved out of your mum and dad’s home and have inherited some second-hand furniture from the rest of the family, chances are, you want to make your home just a little more interesting! Follow the tips below to learn how to decorate your rented property with flair and style. Take a look at this link for painting and wall covering supplies to help you get started.


Invest Only in Furniture and Accessories That You Can Take With You

The mistake that many people make when decorating their rental property is to spend lots of money on changing the walls or floors – but when you move, you won’t be able to take any of these things with you. Instead, invest in furniture and accessories that you can take with you and if you’re stuck with boring, bland pieces that were given to you by family members, jazz them up with a lick of paint and a few stencils.

Brighten Up Your Bathroom

If you’re stuck with a boring bathroom or an ugly avocado bath suite, you can make it prettier! Buy a new bath mat, matching towels and a shower curtain if the shower curtain supplied is a bit grotty, then buy candles, accessories and pretty soaps in complementary or matching colours to brighten up the room. When you move, just take everything with you!

Curtains, Sofas and Stained Carpets

Many rental properties come with curtains and lampshades. If you don’t like the ones in your house, just replace them with something cheap and cheerful and store the old curtains in a plastic bag until your lease is over. If your home is fully furnished and you’re stuck with a manky old sofa, brighten it up with a big throw – tuck it in around the cushions and jazz it up a little bit with pretty embroidered cushions. Dirty carpet? Cover it up with a cosy faux fur rug.

In the Kitchen

If your kitchen cupboards are looking a bit old and dull and your tiling a bit dirty, give it a new lease of life with some grout whitener and a good deep clean. Hang pictures on the walls using velcro picture hooks – that way, they won’t make holes in the wall – and if there’s space for a table, dress it with a pretty tablecloth or runner and a vase of fresh flowers. Even displaying your cookbooks and liquor bottles can make your kitchen feel much more homely.

Top Tips

  • Nothing says “I’m rented!” more than mismatched crockery and old, chipped glassware. Buy a new set of crocks, glasses and cutlery and just take them with you when you move.
  • Hang large mirrors to give the illusion of space in a smaller room.
  • Add life to your bedroom by hanging a big canvas over the bed and adding colour and personality through your curtains and bed covers.

Source: UKTV Home

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