DIY Tips: How to Buy Bathroom Towels

There are literally thousands of options if you’re in the market for some new bathroom towels – do you go for waffle towels? 100% Egyptian cotton? A new bale or just two new bath towels? Learn everything you need to know about buying bathroom towels with our handy guide.



  • Think about how many towels you need. Do you want a full matching set? A few new bath towels? Or just a new set of flannels? You need to know precisely how many towels you need and how many replacements you want. Generally, you’ll want two bath sheets, two bath towels and two face cloths for each person – a wash and a wear. You’ll also need a hand towel for each bathroom as well as a few spares for any guests.
  • Think about the type of towels that you want. Egyptian cotton is the most luxurious and absorbent, but Supima cotton is a great alternative if you’re watching the pennies. Waffle towels are lightweight and absorbent, and standard towels are the best budget option – they’re cheap, but that means they’re easily replaceable if you want to change things up a bit.
  • If you’re looking to recreate a stylish boutique hotel bathroom, go for the thickest and fluffiest white towels that you can find. For an easy way to introduce colour into your bathroom, choose bright, contrasting hues. Black and red towels work brilliantly in a sparkling white bathroom, but bright colours like deep pink and lime green are also great choices if you’re trying to create a modern space.
  • For a subtle look, choose towels that tone in with the rest of the colours in your bathroom – taupe, charcoal and medium beige are always a great choice as they’ll go with everything.
  • For a cool, modern look, opt for brightly patterned towels – polka dots, stripes and flowers are a great choice as you can quite easily mix and match them. They’ll look wonderfully modern against a white bathroom, but they also work well with bright colours like turquoise, magenta and bright green.
  • Keeping the towels neat and tidy is really important, otherwise your bathroom will end up looking like a jumble sale. If you’ve chosen patterned or brightly coloured towels, stack them up in order of size – largest on the bottom, smallest on the top. Generally, in terms of style, it’s better if you have two colours or patterns as you can mix and match them in stacks.
  • To look after your towels, wash them before using them for the first time and don’t use fabric softener as it’ll effect the absorbency of the towels. If you can, hang them on the line after washing to keep them extra fresh.

Source: House to Home

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