DIY Tips: How to Apply Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are cool, creative and quirky, too. They’re easy to apply and are a really simple to update the look of your room in an instant, plus, they’re really inexpensive too, making them a great alternative to wallpapers. Learn how to apply them with these tips and take a look at this link for wall covering supplies.


Things You’ll Need:

  • wall stickers of choice
  • measuring tape
  • pencil
  • soft cloth

Prepare the Wall

Prepare the wall by giving it a good wash. Make sure that it’s completely clean and free of dust and debris before you apply the sticker. The wall should also be completely dry, too. If you want to paint, do so before applying the wall sticker and ensure that it is completely clean and dry before you get started.

Mark Out the Placement

Decide exactly where you want the wall sticker to go. Before unpeeling the backing, put the wall sticker on the wall, make sure that it is straight using a spirit level and then mark the placement of it on the wall using a soft pencil that you can rub out or blobs of tack. Once you’re happy with the placement, you can get sticking!

Apply the Sticker

Carefully peel the backing off of the sticker. Get someone to help you if it is particularly large so that you don’t get tangled. Following the guidemarks that you made earlier, put the wall sticker into place. Smooth it out using a clean cloth. Again, get someone to help you, if you can, so that the sticker is firmly in place on the wall.

Removing the sticker is fairly simple. Use a hairdryer to blast warm air onto the wall to warm the sticker. Once warmed, it should just peel away from the wall with ease. If it gets stuck or if there are pieces of adhesive left behind, warm them too and scrape them off gently with a palette knife. Try to get as much of the sticker off in one go so that you don’t have to do this – scraping the wall with a palette knife could cause scratches in the wall and so you may need to fill and repaint to cover up the marks.

Where Can I Put Wall Stickers?

You can put wall stickers anywhere you like. They often look lovely when positioned from the skirting board upwards, like a tree or flower growing towards the sky. They can also look cool and quirky when positioned next to windows and doors. They also make a great focal point above beds and sofas, and you can use them anywhere that you’d use statement wallpaper. They work best on plain, painted walls.


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