DIY Tips: Hotel Worthy Bathroom Ideas

Longing for a luxe bathroom? Dreaming of your very own five star experience? Follow these tips to learn how to create the bathroom you’ve always wanted – and take a look at this link for tools to help you get the job done.



  • What makes a hotel bathroom feel luxurious? Soft, fluffy towels hanging up at the sink and on the wall. Buy a new range of towels and instead of throwing them over the banister on the stairs, fold them neatly and arrange over wall-mounted towel racks. Choose thick, Egyptian cotton towels in shades of black, taupe or white.
  • If you have the budget, it’s a good idea to invest in a brand spanking new suite with plenty of contemporary detailing – square edges are always chic. On the walls, opt for large tiles and continue them onto the floors, too, for a seamless look.
  • For a clean, minimal look, choose a shower tray that is either inset into the ground so that it sits flush with the floor, or put a slope into the floor so that it’s a walk in shower. For the door, simply install a piece of thick glass. You could also simply add a wall, tiled in the same tile, for a chic spa-style experience.
  • Make the space look ultra-modern by using open bathroom cabinets, rather than lots of cupboards. If the space is small, cupboards will only make it feel smaller. If you use open storage, make sure you display your toiletries and towels neatly, otherwise the bathroom will look a bit of a mess.
  • Don’t opt for a dull, boring, square or rectangular tile – instead, opt for something in a unique shape, colour or style. Patterned tiles work well in larger bathrooms, as do tiles that are stone-effect or slate-effect as they give a luxurious feel.
  • Use hidden storage, such as underneath the sink, to pack away toiletries that aren’t quite so glam. Don’t lock everything away though – keep a selection of toiletries and folded towels out to add to the hotel feel of the room.
  • For a smart, sleek finish that’s affordable and easy to maintain, too, why not choose vinyl flooring? Opt for a modern pattern or keep things plain and simple with a brightly coloured vinyl.
  • Shutters aren’t particularly cheap, but they do add a smart finish to any room and look particularly stylish in a bathroom. Opt for sleek stainless steel or wooden painted shutters for a homely, period feel.
  • For a hint of period charm, why not add wooden panelling to the bathroom? Opt for a pale, painted wood – just make sure you choose a water-resistant paint that will protect the wood from the moisture in the bathroom.
  • We’re so used to using plain white, chrome and wood in a bathroom that we often forget that there are other options too. Inject a little bit of colour into your space by using a coloured towel rail or radiator, and add a brightly coloured, water-resistant chair or accessories for interest.

Souce: UKTV Home

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