DIY Tips for Complete Beginners

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Love it or loathe it we all have to tackle DIY in the home at some point, but the good news is that you don’t have to be Nick Knowles to spruce up your place. We’re taken it back to basics with the best DIY tips for absolute beginners.

Tackle Your Storage

You might not be handy with a hammer or a wallpaper whizz, but by nailing your storage solutions you’re at least halfway to DIY success. Minimalism is a key trend at the moment and it’s hard to achieve when your places is sprawled with tables, plants, a TV, sofa, toy boxes, pet suppliers, books and DVDs. Of course storage units are handy for keeping your stuff out of sight, but it also helps to be realistic about what you really need in each room. Be a little ruthless if necessary. You can also transform current fixtures into handy storage spaces too – unused fireplaces make for great bookcases and are very chic.

Make a Statement (Wall)

Plain walls certainly aren’t for everyone and bold wallpapers can really let your personality shine through. But if you’re not feeling brave enough to decorate your whole room in a loud print, opt for just one statement wall and cover it in a print you love. This looks particularly great behind the sofa and with plain furnishings throughout the rest of the room.

Get Colourful in the Kitchen

We’ve all seen those chic white kitchens on Pinterest and in showrooms and while they might look great there, in the average house it can look very plain and sterile. Try injecting a little colour into the room. If you’re not feeling quite brave enough to get creative with the paint, bright tablecloths, appliances and curtains can give your kitchen a new lease of life. It’s so easy to change things round on a budget too!


Mirrors are the best way to add light and make a room seem bigger with minimal effort. Whether you go for a unique vintage frame or a more contemporary style, a few mirrors will do wonders for your space. Try and go for designs that are similar yet distinctive for maximum effect.

Display Your Collections

We all have that one thing we love to collect so instead of keeping them on dusty shelves in the spare room, make them the star attraction in your living room. Whether it’s vases, teacups or statues, keep them all together in one place and go for contrasting sizes and colours as well as an odd number of items for a really chic look. Your place will look like it’s stepped out of the pages of a glossy home magazine and it will cost you absolutely nothing!

Make the Most of Your Furniture

Especially good if you’re trying to spruce up a rented apartment, if you’re not gifted in the DIY department make the most of your furniture. Statement sofas and chairs will make a room look put together with no effort at all. But if you’re not into the bold, jazz up a plain sofa with brightly coloured statement cushions and throws.

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