DIY Tips: Essential Bathroom Design Tips

Bathrooms are an oft-neglected room of the house, which is a bit of a shame, really – after all, your bathroom should be one of the most relaxing rooms in the house. Turn your boring and bland bathroom into the prettiest powder room of them all and a relaxing, soothing space to boot by following these design tips. Take a look at this link for bathroom supplies to get the job done.



  • Remember that your bathroom is just as important as your living room in terms of design. Although we tend to focus our budget on rooms like our living room, bedroom or kitchen, a stunning bathroom can add thousands of pounds’ worth of value to your home – plus, the more luxurious the bathroom, the more relaxed you’ll be when it comes to bath time!
  • Don’t scrimp on taps and hardware like the toilet flush or shower fitting. There isn’t really any point spending money on a contemporary square bath or curved toilet with soft close seat if you use cheap taps and fixtures to finish the look. Go online to look for designer-style taps and hardware if you’re on a budget.
  • If you’re incorporating countertops into the design of your bathroom, look for marble, granite or stone – they’re easy to maintain, easy to clean and will last for years. If you don’t want to incorporate countertops into the design, make sure that there’s enough space for a little bit of storage – either below the sink, above the sink in the form of a mirrored cabinet, or even just an open shelving unit erected against a wall.
  • If you have space, incorporate furniture into your bathroom rather than just the more traditional bathroom suite. A waterproof chair that you can sit on to do your hair, a steam-proof mirror and a little cabinet or table that you can use to store all of your beauty bits and pieces will all come in handy. Incorporating furniture into the bathroom design means that the room will be used more frequently, too.
  • Install more than one light source. Lighting in the bathroom can often appear a little bit harsh, especially if you only have an overhead light, so consider using spotlights, lights around the mirror or bathroom-safe lamps to soften the light in the bathroom – much more flattering!
  • If your budget stretches to it, consider splashing out on a rain-shower shower head. It’ll not only add a luxurious feel to your bathroom but it’ll make each and every shower feel like a spa experience – what could be better? Another handy option is to install a showerhead at waist height that can be used to wash feet, rinse hair and clean the shower down after use – a must if your main shower head is fixed in place.
  • If in doubt, choose white tiles and a white bathroom suite. White on white always looks chic, classic and stylish – and it won’t ever go out of style.

Source: Style at Home

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