DIY Tips: Decorating Ideas for a Teenage Boy’s Bedroom

Whether your son loves all things rock n roll or is a bit bookish, you can create the perfect space for him to relax, work, enjoy some quality time with his friends by following our top tips for decorating a teenage boy’s bedroom. Take a look at this link for painting supplies to help you get started.



  • Choose strong, bright and bold blocks of colour. In the image above, blue, red and green are surprisingly harmonious partners and provide the perfect backdrop for all of his interests – gaming, skateboarding and playing guitar. Again, white is the perfect neutral backdrop that sets off all of those lovely colours – so look for furniture in white, or in metallics, so that they’ll work well with everything else you put with them as and when your boy’s tastes change. Using the image above as inspiration, when your lad grows up and moves into his twenties, a change of carpet and fewer wall stickers and the room will be much more grown up.
  • Use his favourite things as works of art – his guitars and skateboards can be hung on the wall, doubling up as decoration and storage space, which means that you save valuable floorspace for things like his desk or beanbags for him to chill out on when his friends come over.
  • Remember that you need to provide plenty of storage and if you can’t fit it on the floor, build up or put it underneath the bed – shelves or a shelving unit that runs up along one wall can provide you with a surprisingly large amount of storage space and just popping a few boxes underneath his bed will help. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of a bedside table or two, either – they’re the perfect place for storing undies and socks.
  • Make sure that there’s plenty of space for work, too – as he starts to grow up and does exams, he’ll need somewhere formal that he can use to spread out all of his textbooks, so there’ll need to be a desk, comfy chair, laptop or computer and plenty of shelves, books and storage for all of those bits and pieces like in-trays and pencil pots.
  • He needs space to relax, too, so make sure that his bed is either big and comfy or that there’s at least a beanbag or two on the floor that he can use to relax on. Throw a few cushions on the bed and just ask that he keeps everything as tidy as he can – that’s where the storage will come in handy.
  • If he’s arty, let him have a go at coming up with a scheme himself – graffiti can often look super cool in a teenage boy’s room

Source:  House to Home


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