DIY Tips: Creating the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Learn how to create the perfect tranquil guest bedroom by following our top decorating tips – and if you need to do some work, take a look at this link for building materials to help you get the job done. Your friends and family will all be desperate to stay at your house!


Spend the Night

Spend the night in your guest bedroom and you’ll be able to identify any problems. See if it’s noisy in the morning, whether there’s anything you’d change and make sure that the curtains and blinds don’t let in too much bright sunlight first thing in the morning. Figure out what you’d be looking for in a guestroom, then add it to your guestroom. Easy peasy!

Think Calm and Restful

When you’re choosing decor or trying to figure out how to decorate, think calm and restful. Look for neutral tones – pale beige, blues and sage greens are always lovely. Tone in with plenty of cosy-looking fabrics that make you want to snuggle up – soft faux fur throws for the end of the bed, plenty of cushions and soft, squishy pillows and a duvet. Experiment with textures and colours, but don’t go too bold – you want the space to be cosy, snug and perfect for getting your guests off to sleep.

Banish Clutter

Although many of us tend to use our spare bedroom as a bit of a dumping ground, when you have guests, it’s really important to shift everything out of the room – or to at least find a home for everything. Declutter the spare room by putting everything into cupboards or drawers or shove it all into a different room when your guests come over.

Add Accessible Lights

If your guests don’t know the layout of your home, make sure that you provide plenty of accessible lighting for use in the middle of the night. Add a bedside lamp at the very least, and if you have space, provide a floor lamp too – floor lamps are really lovely positioned over a chair and a bookcase, providing your guests with a lovely little spot to read or check their emails before bed. Also, make sure that the bedside lamp can be easily reached from the bed – you don’t want your guests tripping over the bed in the middle of the night trying to reach the light switch on the wall.

Provide a Mirror

You don’t want your guests to have to fight over the bathroom mirror with your children first thing in the morning, so make sure that you provide a private mirror. A dressing table with a cute mirror and a little stool is lovely, but if you don’t have space for a full dressing table, just put a mirror inside the wardrobe or on the back of the door. Install some hooks, too, and if you’re feeling really kind, provide a soft fluffy dressing gown.

Source: UKTV Home

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