DIY Tips: Clever Decorating Tips for a Child’s Bedroom

Follow these clever decorating tips for a child’s bedroom – not only will they keep your little one quiet, but these tips will help get them to sleep, too! Read on for some of our top tips and take a look at this link for painting and wallcovering supplies to help you get the job done.


Think About Putting in Multiple Beds

Handy for if you have more children – but also really useful for when they have friends over. Bunk beds are always a good choice, but a great idea is to have a bunk bed with a fold out bed and a desk or wardrobe underneath. The fold out bed can be used as a chill out space and the desk and wardrobe are really useful for storage. A single bed with a pull out day bed will be incredibly useful, although if you don’t have much storage space, a Z-bed tucked into a closet will work too.

Help Them Get to Sleep

Young children often find it difficult to settle down at the best of times, so make things a little bit easier for them by installing blackout blinds and blackout curtains. As soon as the blinds and curtains are pulled, the room will be dark – and this is generally very useful in getting little ones to sleep. As the decor changes, simply change the colour of the curtains. Dimmer switches are also a good choice – the dim light helps to create a cosy atmosphere that will help your little one get to sleep, but it will also double as a nightlight if your little one tends to get a little bit frightened at night. Install a variety that can be set at one level, or that is slightly more difficult for little fingers to alter the settings on so that they won’t wake themselves up by turning the lights on full whack in the middle of the night.

Make Room for Play

Children love playing – so let them play to their heart’s content simply by adding things like bed drapes that they can use as a den, or a comfy, cosy hammock slung across a spare corner of the room. Beds with slides are always very popular, as are bean bags. Add items that can either be removed very easily or that are fairly cheap and you can then update or remove them as they get older and would rather chill out in their room than play.

Safety First

Don’t forget the safety aspect of the room, too. Put covers onto electrical sockets and ensure that any necessary cables are tucked well out of the way of little fingers. Fit window locks and make sure that you remove door locks – you don’t want your child to get locked in their room. You should also screw heavy furniture to the walls, too, and avoid using blind cords.

Source: 4Homes

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