DIY Tips: 2014 Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom design can be tricky. But you can revamp your bedroom into a chic, glam space, or a restful, relaxing haven by taking inspiration from some of 2014’s hottest bedroom design ideas. To help you get started, take a look at this link for painting and wall covering supplies.



Today’s Moroccan-inspired bedroom uses calming and soothing shades of blue, navy and crisp white, instead of warm hues that you’d normally associate with Morocco. A bright white background provides the perfect background to let bright blue cushions, throws and bedlinens really pop. Opt for white furniture, too, if you’re trying to keep to a budget, or paint your existing wooden furniture white – that way you can use it in the future with a different colour scheme. Choose zig-zag and ornate geometric patterns in navy and cobalt blue, with silver metalwork trays and small ornate lamps to finish the look.


A twist on the classic country/vintage theme, this year, the rustic look uses more industrial-inspired accessories and furniture, to add edge and interest to the look. Use soft, neutral colours on the walls and floors – an off-white on the walls and pale wooden flooring or pale painted floorboards. Add colour using dark navy, taupe and chocolate brown, and look for antique or reclaimed furniture, such as an old oak dressing table or metal trunks that you can use as bedside tables. For accessories, look for products made from raw materials, such as lamps from steel or cushions covered in simple brushed linen. Materials with elegant letter motifs or antique clocks will keep the look contemporary.


Take inspiration from some of the coolest Danish dramas on TV and create a modern, contemporary space. This look is all about the accessories, with a stark, pared back feel that we’ve all come to associate with Danish dramas and literature. Paint the walls a warm grey hue and choose a pale colour for the floor. You could use carpeting, if you like, although pale wooden flooring will keep the look sleek. For your furniture, opt for pared back black or white furniture with a modern feel – look for sharp edges, unusual shapes and quirky features. Accessorise the room with cool, quirky bedlinens and some of this year’s coolest colours – bright orange and cobalt blue. Black and white photography printed linens, cushions and throws are all the rage, while geometric patterns will liven up the space a treat. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, either – this look shouldn’t be matchy-matchy.

Pretty Pink

Pink can be a bit girly for a bedroom, but in this scheme, Oriental patterns, textures and furniture team up to create a pretty look that isn’t stereotypically “Oriental”. Choose minimalist furniture, paint walls in a blush rose hue or hang intricate patterned wallpaper. Bamboo will add warmth to the look while paper lanterns will add drama.

Source: UKTV Home

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