Clever DIY Projects for Every Room

Little bit bored this weekend? Or want to change the way your kitchen look? Adding more storage? Whatever your needs, whether you want to change the look of your room, add more storage solutions or are just in need of a bit of a project, these clever DIY projects are just the ticket – and there’s one for every room, too.



  • Kitchen cupboards: paint the inside of the kitchen cupboard with chalkboard paint, frame using some leftover edging strips from your skirting board or panelling, then use to write your shopping list, or to hang measuring cups and spoons as in the handy little guide above. It looks lovely, too.
  • Living room: If you’re anything like us, you have tons of photos and cool images lying around that just need to be framed, do it! Frame them in either matching frames or an array of mix-y match-y vintage or modernist frames, arrange them on the floor in whatever pattern looks best, then put them up on the wall in a gallery style.
  • Bedroom: You can make your bedroom look fresh and funky by adding new pillows – and you don’t need to fork out a fortune for new fabric, either. Use some that you already have, or stitch a few dishcloths together! You don’t need fancy sewing skills, either, just turn the fabrics opposite to the way that they’ll be displayed when the cushion is finished, and then it doesn’t really matter if you have a wobbly edge on the fabric. Practice a little bit first, if you can, but remember – sometimes the homemade look is better!
  • Painted floors: It’s as simple as that, really. Paint. The. Floor. Sand it, clean it, dust it. ┬áPrepare it for painting. Paint it. Varnish it. Apply the desired finish. Viola! Your floors look totally different, and it took you a day or two? Just be sure to move all furniture out the way, then make sure that the floor is completely dry before moving the furniture back into the room so that you don’t get any scuff marks.
  • Patterned shelves: a brilliant way to brighten up your bookshelves is by adding some pretty stencilling to the back panel of the shelf. It adds interest, and gives you a great excuse to de-clutter, so that you can see the lovely pattern that you added! The best part of all is that you can download and print the stencils onto cardboard at home, then stipple the paint onto the shelves so that there are no drips, no mess and no fuss.

Source: Real Simple

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