Christmas Traditions for the Whole Family

Old favourites like kissing under the mistletoe, unwrapping one gift on Christmas Eve and laying out a mince pie, glass of whisky and a carrot for Santa and Rudolph are all brilliant Christmas traditions, but sometimes, it can be lovely to add new family traditions that are completely unique to you and yours! Maybe you leave the stockings to be opened after Christmas dinner, play a game of Scrabble in the morning or always have scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and bagels for breakfast. Whatever it is, celebrate this Christmas in style with your own traditions – and if you’re stuck for ideas, check out our list.


  • As an alternative to opening all of the presents at 6am in the morning – and Christmas being “over” by 7am, plan to open the gifts after lunch. To keep the children (and you!) going through the day, open “taster” gifts from the pound shop (or similar) every hour or so starting from around 11, as a fun way to gather you all together until you sit down and eat lunch. Plus, opening the presents and playing with them will tire the kids out which means that they’ll go to bed ready for sleep – bonus!
  • Give each family member a new pair of pyjamas, slippers or a dressing gown on Christmas Eve so that they can wake up on Christmas morning nice and snug in their new winter warmers. Good for photos, too. If you have pets, don’t forget them!
  • If you find Boxing Day boring, try and make it as much of a fun day as Christmas Day itself. If you’re lucky enough for it to snow, go toboganning, or sledding. Or, you could always go shopping or to the local pantomine. If you always make a point of doing something on Boxing Day, be it watching Christmas films in your pyjamas with a box of popcorn or visiting family and having a nice meal out somewhere, when Christmas is over, it won’t feel quite so anti-climactic.
  • If there’s a cause that’s close to your heart, try to include it in your Christmas traditions. A lovely thing to do – that’ll also make a big impact on your children – is to visit the local hospital, carehome or dog kennels. Make a donation, visit with the patients and do something for someone else! It’ll be good for them, good for you and it’ll also boost staff morale, too. If you can’t make a donation of money, make a donation of time – it’ll be appreciated by everyone.
  • Something you can do in the day or days before Christmas is spend a few hours in the woods gathering holly and pine cones – lovely and Christmassy, but completely free!
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