Reviews: The Baby Loft

The Baby Loft is a baby equipment hire company, specialising in equipment used for just a few months. Founded in 2009, The Baby Loft story began when Denise (former owner) had a baby. She was astounded at the amount of “stuff” that a baby needs, and that the amount of stuff was only used for 8-12 weeks only to gather dust in the loft for months afterwards. Not only that, but she noticed that family and friends were also filling up their lofts with baby gear for when her baby arrived, which meant that there was a ton of equipment going unused. Denise then had the idea to found The Baby Loft – a baby equipment hire company that allows mums, dads, family, friends and businesses to hire everything that a baby could possibly want or need instead of buying it.


Making a Hire

Making a hire is simple. On the home page, there are a number of categories – just have a look through to see which categories are available, then click through to have a good look through the items available. Once you find an item that you want to hire, click on it, then decide how long you want to hire for. Click on the length of time you want to hire – 3 days, 5 days or longer, and the item will be added to your cart. From there, you can then decide upon hire dates. If the items aren’t available when you want them, you can opt for an alternative item or look for alternative dates.


The Baby Loft’s delivery policy is different to any other hire company that we’ve come across. You can either collect the items that you’re hiring, or have them delivered. But they also offer something called “personalised delivery”, whereby they can put together the items as much or as little as you’d like them to. That means that you could ask for the items to be completed, so you get them ready to go and ready to use, or half completed so that you can easily travel with them – for example, you might want to travel with a high chair but not be able to fit the full chair into your car. You can also ask for the goods to be giftwrapped or delivered as a gift, which is the perfect way to welcome a new member of the family – just be sure to let the new mum and dad know what you’re planning to hire so that you don’t hire something that they’ve already bought!

Reviews: MadWorld Fancy Dress

There are hundreds of fancy dress stores up and down the country – some good, some bad. MadWorld offer one of the widest range of costumes that we’ve seen, and are definitely one of the larger and most popular fancy dress providers in the South East, with three fancy dress superstores that you can buy and hire costumes from. You can also buy a huge amount of stock from their website which is perfect if you’re nowhere near London.


Choosing a Costume

We’ve reviewed a number of costume hire companies up and down the country but MadWorld seem to have one of the widest selections of costumes that we’ve seen, from Victorian era gowns to flapper dresses from the 20s and cool rockabilly looks from the 50s. There are costumes for both men and women from literally every decade over the last 100 years, as well as costumes from television and movies, general costumes such as witches and wizards, animals, items of food and the ubiquitous pink gorilla outfit. To choose, you can scroll through the various categories on the website, or let the staff at one of the stores know what you’re looking for. They also carry a lot of “scary” versions of traditional fancy dress costumes – such as Alice in “Blunderland” and the “Bad Hatter”, which are great choices for Halloween if you’re looking for something a little bit different.

Making a Hire

Many of their costumes are only available to hire in-store, unfortunately, although there is a small selection available for hire on their website. If you want to make a hire, take your costume of choice to any member of staff and let them know when you’re looking to hire it. Always try and visit them at least a week before the event and even sooner if you’re looking to hire something over Halloween, just to make sure that your chosen costume is available when you want it! If you’re hiring or buying something online, again, give it at least a week to make sure that your costume arrives in time for the event. You can either browse online, or give the team a call to see if they have anything in stock if you don’t have time to nip into one of their superstores.

Other Services

MadWorld don’t just hire fancy dress costumes. They also provide a vast range of accessories to complete your outfit, including shoes, socks, gloves, hairpieces and wigs – and they’re also one of the only UK stockists of genuine Venetian masks. They also sell balloons, and can provide hints and advice when you’re planning your event. Plus, the more you hire, the more you save – you can get discounts on costumes and free hires.

Reviews: The Canoe Hire

What sounds like your idea of a brilliant holiday? Glorious views, a serene sail down a river? Well, The Canoe Hire company might be able to help. The premise of their company is simply to provide people with a canoe or two and to sail down some of the prettiest, most picturesque spots in the country, with plenty of help and advice in the form of suggested camping sites and stop-off points. Whether you’re an experienced canoeist, a complete newbie or just want to try something different for your holiday – or you want your children to become more confident around water – The Canoe Hire can offer a completely unique holiday experience.


How Does it All Work?

Well, it’s actually pretty simple. Choose a route. Tell The Hire Canoe how many people you’ll be travelling with and they’ll get back to you with a quotation and more information. To begin your journey, you’ll simple drive to their office on the River Wye, park up, take all your belongings with you and then head to your canoe. You’ll be given a map, and then you can head off on your journey. Whether you’re going out for just half a day or are heading out for a full holiday, they’ll provide you with all of the help and advice you need to make it a fab time, including ideas about where to stop off, landmarks to watch out for, places to eat, places to drink and details of campsites along the way. Keep in mind though that if you are staying somewhere, you’ll need to book it in advance – you can’t just stop off somewhere. So, when you make your booking, make sure you sort out overnight accommodation at the same time! Otherwise, you’ll be left with nothing but a canoe and a field to sleep on.

What Are the Routes?

The routes are all based around the River Wye and include start and stop-off points Hoarwithy, Symonds Yat, Redbrook and more. The Canoe Hire can recommend routes for those new to canoeing, those who are experienced and want a bit of a challenge as well as perfect routes for half a day on the river and long routes packed with things to see and do for the family.

Want to hire a boat? Click here!

Reviews: Great Hire

Great Hire are a furniture hire company, but with a difference. They hire some of the most unique and interesting furniture that we’ve ever seen, which is mostly available for sale, too. Whatever you see, if it isn’t in the right colour or fabric, it doesn’t matter – they’ll make something up for you. And if you see something that you like, but that isn’t quite right, they can change it. They’re more than happy to create bespoke pieces and offer a brilliant service package that’s pretty much unrivalled when it comes to furniture hire.


What They Offer

They hire furniture, obviously, but they do so much more than that. Basically, the entire set-up, right down to the napkin rings, they can sort out. With everything from pretty crystal lamps to a fancy French armoire, cushions to coat racks and incredibly elaborate set-ups that can seat pretty much as many people as you’d like, as well as multiple table set-ups, lighting set-ups and everything else to create the space or the zone of your dreams. Available for events, parties, corporate events of virtually any type, you can hire furniture and accessories, buy them, and the team will do everything they possibly can to help you.

What They’re About

They’re unique from other furniture hire companies in that they’re not particularly bothered about providing “boring”, regular, normal pieces.  They’re striving to provide the best and most beautiful furniture and accessories that they can, which means that they work hard to source pieces and are always challenging themselves to push the boundaries of design. Hence the name – Great Hire.


When you hire an item from Great Hire, you’re also paying for a slew of services. They’ll deliver the item to wherever you need it, arrange it to your exact specifications – or suggest an even better arrangement if you’re completely unsure of what would work best – and will make sure that everything goes to plan. Because they hire to the events industry, they offer industry rates, which also makes them cheaper than many furniture companies in the same sector. If you find similar furniture or a similar set-up for a cheaper price, just call them and they’ll beat it – that’s part of the deal. Not only that, but Great Hire are also big on recycling, which means that items will be used over and over and when they are no longer fit for purpose, the materials and fabrics will be stripped and re-used or the items will be donated to charity.

Making a Hire

To make a hire, simply scroll through their website and click on any items that you like the look of. When you spot something you like, click Add to Wishlist and you’ll be sent additional information about the hire process.

Reviews: Walk in Wardrobe

We’ve reviewed quite a few clothing hire companies in our time – after all, we like clothes! But Walk in Wardrobe is a little bit different. They’re a shop, shopping experience, beauty parlour and re-sale agent, which means that you get a full-on fashion and beauty experience the minute you step through the doors. They’ve been described as the swankiest boutique in Brighton and have won Best Place to Shop in Sussex two years in a row. When we say swanky, we mean swanky – there’s even a red carpet that you can strut your stuff down while showing off your new gown to your gal pals.



Walk in Wardrobe have a slew of services that go above and beyond your average clothing hire website or store. Sure, you can buy online – as well as hire, arrange sales and browse lovely, lovely designer clothes – but you can also nip in store (if you’re local) and do the same. Whilst you’re there, you can indulge in beauty treatments to make you look and feel amazing and you can even take part in a photo shoot – borrow clothes from the store (the perfect excuse for trying on that Armani gown you’ve been lusting after for ages) or take your own outfits and pose up a storm. It makes a fab gift, or even better, a totally selfish indulgent day for you and you alone.

Making a Hire

Making a hire is pretty simple. Again, you can either nip into the shop and ask to see what’s available, or you can browse online. The company recently introduced daywear, which means that you can indulge in fabulous trousers, tops, jackets and flat shows as well as show-stopping gowns, dresses, high heels, fascinators and virtually everything else you can think of. If you’re browsing online, pop in your hire dates (when you want to hire from, allowing 2 days for delivery), and if the item is available then you’ll be given the option to hire and go through to checkout. If not, the hire button will be blanked out – simple! Generally, the hire period is for 2 days. If you want to hire for longer, you’ll need to pre-arrange it with Walk in Wardrobe. You can also try before you hire, but they are fairly strict with this: you’ll need to return it on the day that you receive it if you’re not happy, which does give you a fairly short period to try it on.


Walk in Wardrobe also have a pre-owned service, whereby they sell your new/nearly new and pre-owned designer clothes on your behalf. You can also sell your pre-owned WiW stuff with them, too. All items must be designer – no high street allowed (boo, Topshop lovers), and they should be new or nearly new. You’ll get 50% of the sale price if it sells within the first month, but if it hasn’t sold after two months, the boutique might donate the item to charity instead. So, if you’re selling your garments in the hope of making some money, you might be better off hiring them out instead.

Reviews: County Marquees

Whether you’re planning a fairytale wedding, a super-duper party or a huge charity event, a marquee can be just the ticket – transforming the field, garden or hotel into your very own wonderland. Marquees have come a long way in the last decade or so and are no longer the flimsy, slightly posher version of a tent that they once were. Now, they’re as solid and stable as any other room of the house, but infinitely more flexible.


About County Marquees

Operating since 1989, County Marquees is one of the UK’s leading marquee hire specialists. Based in London and in the surrounding Home Counties, covering a wide and varied search area, they provide marquee hire for weddings, events, coorporate events and almost any outdoor activity that you can think of. They’re a family-run company which just shines through in all they do – County Marquees put a lot of work into making sure that customers are completely satisfied with each hire and understand that their product and whether or not it turns up on time and fully equipped can make the difference between a fantastic event and a flop. Want more proof? Have a look at their customer testimonials.

Making a Hire

To make a hire, visit the marquee page. They stock three different types of marquees, including framed marquees, traditional marquees and Chinese hat marquees. The framed marquees require no external pegs or ropes, which means that they can fit even into the most awkward of spaces. Traditional marquees do use external pegs and ropes, but they drape and hang in a very elegant way and look particularly lovely in a large open space. Chinese hat marquees are wonderfully quirky and provide the perfect entrance to a larger marquee but can also be used as a smaller chill-out zone or quiet space at the event. Whichever marquee you choose, you’ll need to provide size details or an estimate of the size you’ll need. If you’re unsure, tell County Marquees what type of event you’re planning and how many people are planning to attend and they’ll be able to give you a quote.


They don’t just sort out the marquee, either – there’s a vast range of accessories, furniture and decoration that can be hired in addition to the marquee to complete the look. As an added bonus, they’ll even set everything up and take it away for you. You can hire everything from dancefloors to bars, candelabras to Moroccan lanterns and fake birds to blackout lining to create a space that works perfectly for your event. Have something in mind that isn’t shown on their website? Ask for their brochure or just give them a call and tell them what you’re looking for and what you’re trying to achieve.

County Marquees also provide discounts on marquee hire through the winter, as well as storage heaters so that you and your guests stay warm and toasty whatever the weather… which means there’s no excuse not to throw that party!

Reviews: Rentruck Rochdale

You might have noticed, if you’ve been following our review section, that we’re a bit of a fan of car hire – after all, you get to drive the car of your dreams for a day without a hefty price tag. But Rentruck Rochdale are a little bit different – they hire trucks, cars and vans for any and every event or job. All of their fleet are serviced and valeted regularly, which means that you’re pretty much guaranteed an excellent drive all for a very reasonable price.


About Rentruck Rochdale

Not many companies can say they’ve been running for over 50 years – never mind 90 years. But Rentruck can. With over 90 years of experience renting cars, vans and trucks, they’re a leader in the field and know pretty much everything there is to know about the rental experience from start to finish, meaning that the customer is most definitely in safe hands.

Making a Hire

Whether you need to hire a refrigerated van for a job, or need a replacement car after being in an accident, Rentruck can help. From a small Vauxhall Corsa perfect for nipping around town in to a swanky Audi saloon, they have a rather large fleet for a company that covers only a local area – which is excellent news for their customers. They also have a range of vans and refrigerated vehicles in a number of sizes to suit every budget and every job. To make a hire, click on Fleet at the top of their home page and choose which type of vehicle you want to hire – car, van or refrigerated vehicle. Have a look through what’s on offer and once you’ve made your choice, you can either click on the Book Now link or give them a call. The hire price includes insurance, breakdown cover and a fully serviced and valeted vehicle. As a bonus, if you already have fully comprehensive insurance, they’ll drop the price of the hire by 30%. This is really unusual, actually, as many hire car companies will insist that you need their insurance too so it’s nice to see that Rentruck are actually helping people save money. Their hire prices are also very inexpensive, and you can choose to hire for a day, a week or on a short-term lease if that’s more convenient. If you’ve been the victim of an accident, give them a call and they can do everything from sorting out the solicitor to supplying the replacement vehicle – a similar vehicle to your own so that you won’t be overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) by your hire car!

Reviews: Elliott Modular

Elliott Modular is one of the most unique companies that we’ve encountered in a long while. Specialists in modular spaces – everything from storage units to sleeping units, they can provide everything you need for an event or project of almost any type. They’re the UK’s leader in accommodation that can be relocated and are used by a number of industries, including the construction industry and the events industry. As part of the Algeco Scotsman Group, they have access to over 300,000 units and operate in countries across the world – meaning that their customers have access to a wide support network and all of the necessary customer support.


Making a Hire

Elliott provide a vast range of temporary modular buildings and building solutions, including: portable toilets, portable showers, portable offices, portable canteens, portable changing rooms, secure storage units, sleeping units, welfare units, anti-blast and fire-resistant units, fencing and crowd control equipment, accessories, kitchen and canteen goods and even fully equipped classrooms and nurseries. The buildings can be completely temporary, designed for use for a week or two, or can be used for several years at a time – for example, in the case of a nursery or classroom. They don’t hire directly from their website, but you can browse to see the type of equipment they have to offer. Give them a call or an email with your requirements and they’ll suggest the products that best suit your needs and your budget.

Although insurance isn’t required to make a hire, the team do suggest taking out a waiver so that you’ll be protected in the event of an accident, vandalism or burglary, avoiding any unexpected costs at the end of the hire period.

Elliott also hire a number of second hand units at reduced prices, all built and equipped to the same high standard – all for a cheaper price. These units are also available to purchase, as is the majority of their stock.

If you’re interested in one of their buildings but don’t quite know what you’re after, or whether the unit can accommodate your needs, give them a call. Virtually all of their portable buildings can be adjusted and equipped so that they meet your requirements. For example, hospital wards can be adjusted for use as chemotherapy clinics or renal wards and classrooms can be adjusted for use by children with developmental and cognitive issues. Whatever your needs, chances are, they’ll be able to help, so just ask!

Event Hire

They also provide kitchens, catering equipment and toilets for events across the country. Whether you need just one portaloo or a full kitchen and toilet block, they can help. They’ll also provide you with the accessories needed and will even empty tanks and sort out drainage and plumbing.

Got storage units for hire? Place free classified ads with Hire Jungle today.


Reviews: Ev Entz

Ev Entz, an instrument hire company, have grown rapidly over the last 20 years to become Wales’ largest supplier of percussion and backline hire services – although they also provide instrument hire across the rest of the UK. Although instrument hire is perhaps the main service that they offer, they also have an excellent and very friendly team of staff that can help with everything from setting up a choir to going backstage at a festival, wellies and all. With a wealth of services including stage management, transport, staging and repairs, it is little surprise that they are the go-to backline hire company for much of the music industry.


Making a Hire

Ev Entz have two main hire services: percussion hire and backline hire. To view their product range, simply click on the Hire tab, then have a scroll through the items available for hire. Most hires are available for as little as £4 per day and if you choose to hire weekly, you’ll get a bit of a discount, too. Their stock changes constantly and so if you need to hire something that isn’t on their list, send them an email and they’ll see what they can do to help. Once you’ve decided what you want to hire, drop them an email with your selection and preferred hire dates and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Stage and Production Management

The vast majority of Ev Entz’s staff are musicians themselves and so are uniquely able to understand the needs of musicians, as well as being able to orchestrate and stage manage events large and small. With services including sound and lighting liaison, artist liaison, transport co-ordination, backline supervision, equipment management and changeovers, the team can easily and smoothly bring together an entire event, ensuring that it’s enjoyable for both the musicians playing and the audience. Production management takes this a step further and Ev Entz can quite literally organise each and every aspect of the event – designing it, structuring it and rigging it. They’re happy to organise an event as the customer requires, or, if the customer is unsure of what they need or what they want the event to be, are more than happy to provide guidance and expertise to ensure that the event goes off without a hitch.


Other Services

Services that Ev Entz provide include transport for your instruments and equipment from venue to venue, transport for musicians and staff, staging for choirs that can be adapted to suit the client’s needs as well as instrument repair. Instruments can also be bought through their online shop, or, if you’re local you can pop into their shop to have a chat with the staff about the availability of the products. All in all, they offer a wealth of services, meaning that anyone can pull off a music event – whether they’ve held 200 festivals or have never put on a show in their life.

Reviews: John Packer Ltd

Championing music education is one of John Packer’s main goals. They understand that giving children access to music within schools can have a hugely positive effect on their education and development, and having supplied schools for over 40 years, they have a unique insight as to how to best support players of all ages and ability levels. Although they sell and hire musical instruments to players of all ages, all across their country, their work in schools continues to be perhaps some of the most inspirational that we’ve seen. So who is John Packer?


John Packer is one of the directors of the company, and one of the more unique aspects of their customer service is that they always aim to treat every customer how they would like to be treated, with “serve as you want to be served” their central motto. They’re also unlike many other music shops that we’ve seen in that they offer a vast amount of advice, tips and guidance long after you’ve bought or hired the instrument. As they put it, buying an instrument from them is like joining an exclusive club, with a wealth of experience, technical support, advice and a range of resources and facilities.

Hiring an Instrument

Although John Packer work with schools up and down the country, they hire to anyone and everyone. Making a hire is easy – visit their hire page, choose the instrument you want to hire and click hire now. It really is as simple as that. Hires start from just £15 per calendar month, which is one of the cheapest prices on the market – and you can hire for as little or as long as you like. If you’d like the cost of the hire to be put towards a purchase, you can, or you can hire multiple instruments in one month so that you can get a feel for your dream instrument without investing in something that isn’t quite right for you. Parents wanting to hire instruments for their children can do so on either a monthly or termly basis, and schools can hire instruments individually or in bulk, too – with some great discounts of up to 20%.

JP and Schools

Hiring instruments means that everyone can access music, but when schools work with JP, they also have access to a huge support network with a vast number of resources that can really help the school shine. With resources for parents detailing the importance of music, help and advice for music events that can bring money into the school, services that include assessing old instruments in the back of the music cupboard so that nothing goes to waste as well as workshops, demonstrations and lessons by some of the UK’s very best players, John Packer are certainly at the top of their field when it comes support.