6 Things to Hire To Run a Successful Trade Show


Running a successful trade show can be super beneficial to the overall goals of your business and career. Not only can you leverage shows to become businesses in themselves, but you’ll also make a ton of contacts, expose yourself to innovative new ideas and put your brand out there like never before.

As for what you might need to hire in order to run a trade show that people can be expected to enjoy and remember for years to come? Here are six things to have on your list.

Hiring models for a trade show can really help raise its level of professionalism. Models can also operate as hosts or hostesses to help guide attendees around the conference, provide them with comforts and also facilitate networking by introducing people to one another. Models can also be a great fit for specific products and services too.


A venue is absolutely crucial to a conference dependent on bringing together delegates and sponsors under one roof. Choose a venue wisely, making sure its easily accessible and in a location that provides further amenities beyond the show itself. Avoid remote locations that don’t have the required space or infrastructure.


Speakers are what help attract delegates into purchasing tickets and helping an event gain exposure. Book top-tier speakers and you can expect to pick up a nice amount of free coverage on top of a speakers fee. Book a range of speakers who all have something pertinent to offer to the show’s focus and niche.

Display Stands

Portable displays and exhibition stands allow sponsors or attendees who wish to promote products or services a platform from which to do so. It’s always a good idea to have an exhibition display for the conference organisation team itself, just so that people are aware who to approach for queries regarding the event.

Video Production Team

A video production team capable of capturing the events of the day and then editing them into video packages for web promotion are a great hire for multiple reasons. Not only will they help cover your event in a professional manner but they also give delegates a reason to follow up with the event in the future by reliving moments from the event itself later. Great video can also help promote the event for future editions, helping to show new audiences what the show offers and what kind of experience they can expect.


Last but not least, great catering can really help make or break the success of a trade show as everyone needs fuel to get through the day. Couple that with the fact that eating and drinking provide some of the best moments to network and you’ll realise just how crucial hiring a catering team is to the overall smoothness of an event of this kind.