Why ‘Going Green’ is the New Black


The use of energy efficient products or ‘green’ materials in the construction or remodelling of a property offers a variety of benefits. There are many reasons why people choose environmentally-friendly products for their home, not just as part of an industry trend. Read on to find out why going green is considered the new black when it comes to homes.

Green Energy Is Affordable

For many households, the initial cost of installing a solar power system is outweighed by the long-term savings. Some state governments provide rebates for the cost of purchasing the panels and infrastructure, which makes it an attractive investment. Many solar power installers offer financing to assist with the purchase, such as Absolute Energy Solutions, who offer financing up to 100% of the cost of a solar power system. As the costs can be repaid while saving money on an energy bill, many homeowners are taking up this option.

Green Energy Means Less Emissions

Renewable energy sources don’t require burning of fossil fuels, which means less emissions into the environment. The supply of power from wind, solar or hydroelectricity relies on naturally occurring energy being converted into a usable form. This requires no burning, mining or drilling – activities which release harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The release of harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide can be avoided, reducing the damage to the ozone.

The Supply is Sustainable

Solar power is a sustainable means of energy, providing power even on overcast days. While the sun is shining, energy can be captured through the panels and used to power the property. If the energy produced surpasses the property’s requirement, that excess power can be supplied back to the grid. Solar power is suitable for homes in all types of climates, not just dry and sunny regions. Is it any wonder that homeowners are keen to install solar panels and to take advantage of this natural resource?

Solar Power – Supplying Extra Power When You Need It Most

Peak energy consumption occurs when homes require cooling or heating. This is one of the biggest benefits of solar power – when the sun is shining the need for cooling is at its highest, but so too is the ability to harness that energy. Sunny days ensure energy is captured and put to use keeping the home cool, without putting a strain on the local grid.

It Adds Asset Value to the Property

When a homeowner or property developer takes measures to implement ‘green’ or energy efficient features, this adds to the value of the property. Investing in solar panels, water tanks and double-insulating a building are simple measures that contribute to a greener property. When the property is on the market, these assets can push the value up thanks to the promise of lower energy bills and a reduced need for heating or cooling.

Going green isn’t just in vogue, or considered the ‘new black’ for properties. It makes sense from an environmental and financial standpoint as well. There are so many benefits to using energy efficient products when constructing a property – what stands out as the biggest benefit for you?