Budget-Friendly Tips to Help Add Value to Your Home

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When you’re thinking about selling your home and moving on to a new one, it is always worth considering ways of adding value to your property, so that you can get the highest asking price that you possibly can. Even if you’re not thinking of selling up it can be worthy of your time – after all, it’s always good to be sitting on a high value home!

Here are some ways in which you can help add that value to your property, no matter what your budget looks like.

Cheap: Get in Touch with a Professional

Although it will cost a little bit of money and you won’t get anything concrete from doing it, hiring a professional interior designer or even an estate agent to come and look around your home for an hour or two can really pay dividends in the long run.

Because they know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to increasing the value of a property, you can ask them for all manner of useful tips and advice while you have them there. They will be able to break down what your home can benefit from and how much it’s likely to cost you, even down to relatively small improvements like the placement of your furniture or the ideal shade of paint for a room.

Even Cheaper: Take a Look Around

Of course, not all of the improvements you can do need to be cosmetic. Simply take a look around your home, taking more care than usual to really look. You need to try and see your home with a fresh pair of eyes, a critical pair.

Are the taps in the bathroom a bit leaky? Does the living room need a fresh coat of paint? Maybe your roof has deteriorated a little bit. If you are concerned, you can again hire a professional – a property inspector will be able to see all the problems you’d otherwise miss.

Cheapish: Green Thumbs

Do a bit of landscaping; that always looks nice and adds a good deal of value to your property. However, you should not go too crazy with your spending, nor should you decide to be too exotic with your choices.

Go for things that look nice but are relatively inexpensive, and go for things that require the bare minimum of upkeep. A rock garden always looks impressive and needs next to no effort to keep it looking that way. When choosing plants, purchase those which are native to your region – these won’t be as difficult to keep looking green and healthy.

Modestly Expensive: Update Your Bathroom or Kitchen

No two rooms command as much value in the home as the bathroom and the kitchen. If you can spare a few hundred quid and think you can only do one room, make sure it is one of these two.

Small updates to either the bathroom or the kitchen can bring in great returns. Update a tired vanity, replace your taps, or get a new microwave – even these will help!

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