Alive Network Review

Alive Network Entertainment is the UK’s largest live entertainment and live music booking service, established in 1999. Having spent the last 13 years, sourcing, vetting and working with some of the UK’s finest bands, singers, musicians, DJs and entertainers, Alive are passionate about supplying their customers with fantastic talent, which also helps to create a long-lasting, lucrative career for the musicians on their books – a win-win for everyone!


Quality VS. Quantity

Although Alive Network actually represent over 4,000 artists and entertainers, they’re really rather picky about the artists that they represent – ensuring that only the very best entertainers make it onto their system. 95% of artists who apply are rejected, and if they make it through the application process, Alive will then look for a high quality demo CD, evidence of work at a professional level and promotional materials (including video). Artists will then be interviewed to ensure they will represent Alive in the best light, and if the application gets this far, they’ll seek customer reviews and feedback. If accepted, the artist will be on the books on a trial basis and if customers are unhappy, they will be deactivated. Alive Network have personally seen and approved the majority of their top-ranking musicians, so you can be sure that the musician, band, artist or singer that you’ve booked for your event is amongst the very best in the country.

Transparency and Visibility

Alive represent a vast range of artists in a vast range of niches, perfect for all events, including weddings, parties, Christmas do’s, large corporate events, small events, family parties and much, much more. Don’t know who to book? Tell Alive what or who you’re looking for and they’ll find the musician that’ll best fit your event.

Once you’ve booked an artist, you won’t be forgotten about – they’ll discuss your event and requirements in detail to make sure you’re booking the very best entertainment for your event and will sort out timing and logistics to ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish. They don’t pressure sell, either – just tell them your budget and they’ll find a musician that you can hire to fit that budget.

The Hire Process

When you book, you’ll be given an appointed email co-ordinator. If, for any reason, your appointed co-ordinator is out of the office and you want to amend the booking or make a change or request an alteration, not to worry – all of your details, including correspondence, emails, booking, contracts and notes in a custom designed Microsoft SQL database, all combined into one central hub. Access your enquiries, contracts, account and much, much more, all at the click of a button. It’s most definitely a stress-free service!

Carbon Neutral

One of the more unusual bonuses of booking with Alive Network is that they’re a carbon neutral company, offsetting their carbon emissions using the carbon passport program. Not only that, but they organise the off-setting of artist emissions, too. A first class service with a conscience!

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