8 Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

It might not be spring (we know, it’s freezing!) but that doesn’t mean that it’s not time for a clean! Take a look at these 8 cleaning mistakes you’re probably making to find out how to give your home a lovely clean this winter.


  • Putting all of your spoons (and forks) in one basket in the dishwasher. Although they can all go in the same pot, they shouldn’t face the same way. Forks can face up, as that prevents the prongs from getting bent out of shape, but spoons should mix and match – so that they don’t end up “spooning”.
  • Cleaning windows on a sunny day. Glass dries more quickly, which results in more streaks, which results in windows that look more dirty more quickly.
  • Spritzing cleaning spray directly onto surfaces – this might work for really dirty surfaces, but it leaves a buildup on walls and countertops if you do it too often and it’ll also make your bottle of cleaner run out more quickly. Spritz onto your cleaning cloth instead.
  • Cleaning without gloves on! Your skin is really absorbent! Although you might just be wiping the sink down really quickly, your skin will still absorb potentially harmful chemicals, which’ll cause dryness, damage and in the winter months (depending on how much cleaning you do), even bleeding. Always look after your hands with plenty of hand lotion and scrubs, too, and always wear gloves when its cold out.
  • Treating stains at the surface won’t do a lot – although it might get rid of the stain at the surface, in time, the stain may well come back – especially if any dirt or dust gets trodden or worn into the stain. Mop up liquids with kitchen towel first, then douse with club soda, blot, and repeat until no more colour transfers to the towel.
  • Popping the loo brush right back into the holder after use. Bacteria is icky, and it needs moisture to multiply – a loo roll holder is the perfect environment for that. Once you’ve used it, sandwich the end of it between the loo seat and the loo, letting the brush hang over the bowl, then leave to dry completely for 10-15 minutes before popping back into the holder. Just tell people not to go into the loo whilst its drying!
  • Cleaning sponges with water isn’t really enough. Wash ’em with washing-up liquid or sponge sanitizer, or throw them into the dishwasher. Or – pick up a cheap pack of sponges every time you go to the grocery store and just replace them when they get too dirty. Wash, clean or replace every day over the holidays when cooking and food prep activity ramps up.
  • Vacuuming pet fur without the right attachment. This works, but it also blows away a lot of the hair – which gives you more work to do later. Use the right tool and you’ll have less to do later and less fur to pick off your clothes.

Source: Real Simple

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