6 Simple Fixes for Everyday Kitchen Spills

Kitchen spills can be some of the most annoying messes to clean up – especially if you can’t get to them right away. A dried-on stain is a permanent stain, and a smudge of chocolate fudge icing can become that annoying piece of dirt that just won’t budge whatever you do. Follow these nifty simple fixes for everyday kitchen spills and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll be able to get your kitchen spic and span – so clean, it’ll sparkle.


  • Combine 2 tbsp. lemon juice and 1 cup water in a microwave safe bowl in the microwave. Heat until boiling, microwave for another three minutes, then leave to stand with the door shut for five minutes and then wipe down the insides of the microwave with a cloth. The steam will loosen all the debris and the lemon juice will deodorise any lingering odours.
  • For spills that seep under surfaces like the couch, wrap a cloth around a ruler and push it under the surface you’re trying to mop. For wooden floors, dip the ruler in a little wooden floor cleaner and for stone floors, dip in a mix of water and vinegar – especially if you’re trying to clean up spilled milk!
  • For burnt food in the oven, let cool, then scrape out big chunks with a spatula. Sprinkle baking soda over the rest, spritz with water, leave to sit overnight and then scrub clean. The baking soda will lift all of the burnt bits from the surface of the oven and everything will come off super easily. To get rid of the burnt smell, add a couple of drops of lemon juice in with the water you use to spritz the oven.
  • If you have a big frozen chunk in the freezer and need to defrost it, unplug, then dip a cloth into a mixture of hot water and a tiny bit of baking powder – then use it to melt the frozen ice. Use clean dry cloths to mop up the spill.  Avoid salt, if possible, as it’ll clog up the freezer and could get into your food, which is definitely not what you want – plus, it could prevent it from freezing properly in the future.
  • If a glass has broken in the dishwasher, clean it up by turning off the machine a shining a torch into the dishwasher. Any broken glass will sparkle. Halve a potato and dab it onto any glass you see, then run an empty cycle to get rid of any bits of glass that you can’t see.
  • For a dried spill of something on the counter, scrub the area with a microfibre cloth to get rid of any bits and then rinse with a damp cloth – it’ll prevent that chasing-crumbs-around-the-counter-top thing that can often happen when you clean.

Source: Real Simple

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